Designed specifically for use as a primary relief valve on forklift cylinders, the 8545AK reduces the possibility of improper functioning of the relief mechanism due to foreign material build up. All guides, springs, stem and adjusting components are located inside the cylinder - removed from the direct exposure of foreign materials and debris from the atmosphere.

NFPA Pamphlet #58 requires that:
"All containers used in industrial truck (including forklift truck cylinders)service shall have the container pressure relief valve replaced by a new or unused valve within 12 years of the date of manufacture of the container and each 10 years thereafter."
Unit of Measure



  • Positive stop in the upper body protects against improper insertion of a pipeaway adapter that might interfere with proper operation of the relief valve.
  • Internal stem guide eliminates the need for a close fit between the body and poppet, which lessens the chance of clogging due to foreign material.
  • Single piece cold-headed stem provides more accurate positioning of working parts for more consistent operation and precise adjustment.
  • Two different deflector adapters and a protective cap are available as accessories to provide complete protection.
  • "Pop-action" design keeps product loss at a minimum.
  • Request RegO® Relief Valves on all your original equipment forklift cylinders for reliable performance.


Body Material

N/A Brass

Stem Material

N/A Stainless Steel

Spring Material

N/A Stainless Steel

Poppet Material

N/A Brass

Guide Material

N/A Brass

Seat Disc Material

N/A Resilient Rubber


Container Type


Start to Discharge Setting

N/A 375 psig

Container Connection

N/A 3/4" M. NPT

Flow Capacity

N/A 400 SCFM/Air (REGO® Rated at 480 psig)

Accessories Protective Cap

N/A 7545-40


N/A 45° Elbow: 7545-14
90° Elbow: 7545-12

Product Type

N/A Fully Internal "Pop-Action" Pressure Relief Valves


N/A RegO

General Information

N/A The "Pop-Action" design permits the RegO® Pressure Relief Valve to open slightly to relieve moderately excessive pressure in the container. When pressure increases beyond a predetermined point, the valve is designed to "pop" open to its full discharge capacity, reducing excess pressure quickly. This is a distinct advantage over ordinary valves which open gradually over their entire range, allowing excessive pressure to develop before the relief valve is fully open. All RegO® internal, semi-internal, and external relief valves incorporate this "Pop-Action" design.

Relief Valves in this catalog are only intended for use in LP-Gas or anhydrous ammonia service. Do not use any other service commodity. If you have an application other than conventional LP-Gas or anhydrous ammonia service, contact REGO® before proceeding.