The 100-HGD gas fume detection/alarm unit gives advance warning of gas leaks well below the hazard level (1/4th the lowest explosive level). It provides the homeowner more time to take action to protect the family and remedy the problem.

Household Propane Gas Alarm
Unit of Measure



  • Available in attractive high impact plastic housing.
  • Fume detection systems are reliable and a snap to install.
  • Early warning: a high pitched audio alarm and red light visual alarm is activated when propane fumes reach a level of only 1/4 the danger level.
  • Built in power filtering system for protection against power fluctuations.
  • Every semiconductor sensor unit is properly acclimatized and custom calibrated to the individual circuitry in which it is installed to ensure maximum sensitivity, reliability and accuracy.
  • Solid state electronic circuitry.
  • Supplied with CSA approved converter for use with standard 110 volt outlets.



N/A 3-3/4 in


N/A 5-3/4 in


N/A 1-3/8 in

Product Type

N/A Household Gas Detector/Alarm


N/A RegO