Designed primarily for use as a combination filler and liquid withdrawal valve on three-opening applicator tanks or on nurse tanks.

This valve incorporates an integral excess flow valve. When product is required, the valve must be completely open and backseated to allow the excess flow valve to function properly as explained in the excess flow valve section of this catalog.
Unit of Measure



  • Functions as both a filler valve and liquid transfer valve, in one unit.
  • Positive acting excess flow valve opens for maximum flow at minimum pressure drop when filling - regardless of the type of coupling in which the valve is installed.
  • Excess flow seat is fully contained in the tank coupling for maximum protection in the event of external damage to the valve.
  • Specially machined break-away groove beneath ACME thread of filler valve will shear-off with excessive pull on the hose and leave the valve body intact.
  • Triple guide filler valve check provides for dependable shut-off performance when filling ceases.
  • Resilient seat disc assembly is fully contained on three sides for bubble-tight shut-off and long service life.
  • "V"-ring spring loaded stem seal design requires no repacking or field adjustment.
  • Plugged 1/4" NPT boss accommodates vent valve or hydrostatic relief valve.


Body Material

N/A Ductile Iron

Bonnet Material

N/A Steel

Stem Material

N/A Stainless Steel

Seat Disc Material

N/A Synthetic Resilient Rubber

"V" Ring Material


Excess Flow Valve Material

N/A Stainless Steel Steel Body

Spring Material

N/A Stainless Steel


Inlet Connection

N/A 1-1/4" M. NPT

Outlet Connection

N/A 1" F. NPT

Filling Capacity at 20 psig Pressure Drop

N/A 74 gpm/HN3

Approximate Excess Flow Liquid Closing Flows

N/A 50 gpm/HN3

Accessories Hydrostatic Relief Valve

N/A SS8001J

Accessories Vent Valve

N/A TSS3169


N/A Determined at 9 to 12 PSIG differential.

Product Type

N/A Multipurpose Valves


N/A RegO