Designed for installation on bulk storage containers, this valve combines a pressure gauge mounting and provision for a fixed tube liquid level gauge.

The shut-off valve prevents the pressure gauge from being subjected to constant pressure, thereby prolonging its life and accuracy. The valve may be closed, and the vent valve opened to vent pressure from the gauge to permit replacement.

For fixed liquid level gauging, the valve can be mounted at the maximum permitted filling level. When equipped with a dip tube threaded 1/8" M. NPT, it can be installed at any convenient level.
Unit of Measure


Body Material

N/A Ductile Iron

Bonnet Material

N/A Steel

Valve Stem Material

N/A Stainless Steel

Vent Stem Material

N/A Stainless Steel

Valve Stem Seal Material

N/A Resilient Synthetic Rubber

Vent Seal Material

N/A Resilient Synthetic Rubber

Valve Seat Material

N/A Nylon


Container Connection

N/A 3/4" M. NPT

Service Connection

N/A 1/4" F. NPT for Gauge Mounting

Liquid Level Vent

N/A Knurled

Product Type

N/A Combination Valve


N/A RegO


N/A Has 1/8" F. NPT opening for installing separate dip tube.