These Multivalves® provide vapor withdrawal and filling of ASME containers. A separate pressure relief valve is required in addition to this valve. The MultiBonnet® is standard on this valve.
Unit of Measure



  • Combines double back check filler valve, service valve, vapor equalizing valve with excess flow, fixed liquid level gauge and plugged pressure gauge opening in one unit.
  • Includes plugged, 1/4" F. NPT gauge boss.
  • "Y" shape configuration allows for ease of operation with all valves and gauges easily accessible at all times.
  • Large 21/16" hex wrenching boss on center column provides ease of installation in tank coupling.
  • MultiBonnet® allows quick and easy repair of bonnet.


Body Material

N/A Forged Brass

Handwheel Material

N/A Aluminum Die Cast

Valve Stems Material

N/A Brass

O-Ring Material

N/A Resilient Rubber

Seat Disc (Shut-off Valve) Material

N/A Nylon

Seat Disc (Other) Material

N/A Resilient Rubber


Container Connection

N/A 1-1/2" M. NPT

Service Connection

N/A F.POL (CGA 510)

Filling Connection

N/A 1-3/4" M. ACME

Vapor Equalizing Connection Size

N/A 1-1/4" M. ACME

Vapor Equalizing Connection UL Listed Closing Flow at 100 psig

N/A 4200 CFH

Fixed Liquid Level Vent Valve Style

N/A Knurled

Dip Tube Length

N/A 16 in

Approximate Filling Rate Liquid Flow

N/A 10 PSIG Pressure Drop Across Valve: 42 gpm25 PSIG Pressure Drop Across Valve: 72 gpm50 PSIG Pressure Drop Across Valve: 98 gpm100 PSIG Pressure Drop Across Valve: 125 gpm

For Use in Containers w/Surface Area

N/A Since these Multivalves® have no integral pressure relief valves, they can be used on any ASME container with an independent relief device sufficient for that tank’s capacity.

Product Type

N/A ASME Multivalves®


N/A RegO