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WARNING! For LP Gas use only! Do not use in anhydrous ammonia or refrigeration applications! Do NOT use male swivel couplings or screw-together re-attachable fittings or any type of couplings that use O-Ring sealing surfaces!

For conveyance of LP Gas products where a 1-1/4 in. through 2 in. ID is required. Meets or exceeds all Underwriter Laboratories (UL®) 21 requirements as well as CGA (Canadian Gas Association) Type 1, LP Gas hose requirements.

Can be used for natural gas with application specific criteria. The molecules of natural gas are small, enhancing its ability to permeate through standard rubber or PVC hose constructions. The permeation process is more rapid as the working pressure increases, and natural gas accumulates with potentially dangerous consequences. Use pipe, non-permeable tubing or hose with barrier constructions to convey natural gas. Series 7232 L.P. Gas hose can be used for natural gas service, but ONLY under the following conditions:

Maximum working pressure of the application not to exceed 50 PSI. The application must be in an outside (non-enclosed) environment. Applications that are in an enclosed environment or greater than 50 PSI working pressure are not recommended.
Do not use LPG hose for fuel hose in vehicles using CNG (Compressed Natural Gas).
In Natural Gas applications, copper, brass, or other copper-containing fittings should be in accordance to the AGA rating of the particular apparatus. The hose used with Natural Gas should be subjected to the same rigorous tests and inspection as if it were being use with LPG.

5:1 Design factor
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Item #

Inside Diameter

Reinf. Braids

Outside Diameter

Approx. Weight per 100 Ft.

Min. Bend Radius

7232-1252 N/A 1-1/4 in31.8 mm N/A 2 N/A 1.815 in46.1 mm N/A 85 lb N/A 12.0
7232-1252100 N/A 1-1/4 in31.8 mm N/A 2 N/A 1.815 in46.1 mm N/A 85 lb N/A 12.0
7232-1503K N/A 1.50 in38.1 mm N/A 3 N/A 2.156 in54.8 mm N/A 112 lb N/A 14.0
7232-2003K N/A 2 in50.8 mm N/A 3 N/A 2.750 in69.9 mm N/A 177 lb N/A 16.0
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