Worthington Cylinders combines the highest standards of manufacturing quality with the light weight durability of aluminum to provide you with dependable forklift cylinders. Our forklift cylinders provide a return on your investment through savings in handling, repairs, maintenance and customer preference. These cylinders are manufactured to the Department of Transportation (DOT) 4E-240 specifications in ISO 9002 certified facilities.

Aluminum forklift cylinder product features include:
  • Designed for lightweight strength
  • Durable construction with bright, shiny, smooth finish
  • Rust-free and corrosion resistant
  • Comfortable hand-holds in the collar for easier lifting
  • Multiple valve configurations adaptable to customer needs
  • Easier and lighter to handle, aluminum cylinders increase delivery efficiency and decrease lifting injuries
  • Non-sparking for greater safety
  • Interiors that are clean, dry and resistant to flaking or scaling
Like all of our products, each aluminum forklift cylinder meets or exceeds industry regulations for quality and is manufactured in facilities that have won awards for proactive safety practices and regulations.

Deep, heavy-duty footring provides the largest clearance in the industry

All dimensions are approximate.
  1. Float gauge (float shown; exterior read-out not visible)
  2. Liquid fill valve
  3. Vapor withdrawal tube/valve (aluminum = non-rusting)
  4. Liquid withdrawal tube/valve (aluminum = non-rusting)
  5. Fixed liquid level
  6. Safety relief valve
Deep, heavy-duty footring provides the largest clearance in the industry.
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Item #



LPG Capacity

Water Capacity

Nominal Tare Weight

item-2599 N/A 20 lb N/A 20.3 in516 mm N/A 4.7 gal17.8 liter N/A 47.6 lb21.6 kg N/A 19.3 lb8.8 kg
item-2600 N/A 33.5 lb N/A 28 in711 mm N/A 7.9 gal29.9 liter N/A 80 lb36.3 kg N/A 22.9 lb10.4 kg
item-2601 N/A 43.5 lb N/A 34.1 in866 mm N/A 10.3 gal39 liter N/A 103.6 lb47 kg N/A 27 lb12.2 kg
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