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7554S Series valves provide instant shut-off and fast opening control on LP-Gas crop driers. They are also ideal for charging manifold hoses, stationary fuel transfer hoses and other applications requiring quick, positive shut-off. They are not for use with delivery truck hoses because the handle could snag on the ground and open the valve as the hose is reeled back to the truck.

7554L Series valves feature a locking handle device to help prevent accidental opening of the valve. It is ideal for all the same applications as the 7554S Series and may be used on delivery trucks as it incorporates the locking handle design.

Both valve series must be installed so that flow through the valve is opposite to that of a conventional globe valve. This allows the inlet flow to assist in closing the valve and prevents the valve from being opened by high pump pressures.
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Item #

Inlet & Outlet Connections

Locking Handle

Flow at 1 psig (Cv) Pressure Drop

7554SAV N/A 1/2" F. NPT N/A No N/A 7.3 gpm/propane
7554LAV N/A 1/2" F. NPT N/A Yes N/A 7.3 gpm/propane
7554SV N/A 3/4" F. NPT N/A No N/A 11.3 gpm/propane
7554LV N/A 3/4" F. NPT N/A Yes N/A 11.3 gpm/propane
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