Designed to drastically reduce labor and time when continuously filling large numbers of lift truck cylinders equipped with RegO® 7141M check connectors.

Rapid make-up is accomplished by simply slipping the adapter yoke behind the hex wrenching section of the 7141M connector and depressing the lever. When the cylinder is filled, the adapter is easily disengaged by releasing the operating lever. When connected, back checks in the adapter and connector automatically open. An integral check closes when disconnected, eliminating the need to close any valves manually on the filling manifold to disconnect the charging hose. The shut-off valve on the container must be closed after filling.

Because a leak-tight seal is formed before the checks close, product loss is kept to an absolute minimum when connecting or disconnecting the loading hose.

The 7193K-10B is intended to be permanently attached to the filling hose.
Unit of Measure



N/A Lever Operated for Quick Filling of Fork Lift Cylinders

Inlet Connection

N/A 1/4" F. NPT

Outlet Connection

N/A Quick Disconnect Yoke


N/A Brass Steel

Product Type

N/A Lever Operated Hose End Adapter


N/A RegO