Constructed in accordance with ASME Code. Registered at National Board meeting requirements of NFPA 58 and are registered in all of the Canadian Provinces. They are for use in all of the US States and Canadian Provinces.
Unit of Measure



N/A 10 - 16" (Possibility of 20")


N/A 21" to 48" (Possibility of 51")

Standard Fittings & Accessories

N/A Fill Valve with OPD Fixed Liquid Level Liquid Level Gauge Mounting Brackets (standard configuration or custom) Pressure Relief (45º outlet) Service Valve

Option Fittings & Accessories

N/A Liquid Withdrawal Valve Remote (90 OHMs) Sending Dial for Gauge.

Product Type

N/A ASME Motor Fuel Tank


N/A Worthington

Other Features


  • ASME data plate is seal welded to the tank and is made of Stainless Steel
  • All pressure containing welds are done mechanically or robotically for optimum weld quality
  • Cylinders are powder coated
Please enquire for custom sizes or configurations