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Item # 8685G, Semi-Internal "Pop-Action" Pressure Relief Valves for ASME Containers (7583, 8684 and 8685 Series)

Designed for use as a primary relief valve on ASME containers such as 250, 500 and 1,000 gallon tanks. Underwriters’ Laboratories lists containers systems on which these types of valves are mounted outside the hood without additional protection, if mounted near the hood and fitted with a protective cap.

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  • Constructed of non-corrosive materials.
  • "Pop-action" design keeps product loss at a minimum.
  • ASME rated for use with LP-Gas.
  • Request RegO® Relief Valves on all your original equipment ASME containers for reliable performance.


Body Material


Spring Material


Stem Material

Stainless Steel

Seat Disc Material

Resilient Rubber


Start to Discharge Setting

250 psig

A. Container Connection

1-1/4" M. NPT

B. Overall Height (Approx.)

11-1/16 in

C. Height Above Coupling (Approx.)

1-11/16 in

D. Hex Wrenching Section

2-3/8 in

Flow Capacity UL (at 120% of Set Pressure)

4385 SCFM/Air

Flow Capacity ASME (at 120% of Set Pressure)

4035 SCFM/Air

Suitable for Tanks with Surface Area

up to 212 sq. ft.

Protective Cap (Included)


Product Type

Semi-Internal "Pop-Action" Pressure Relief Valves



General Information
The "Pop-Action" design permits the RegO® Pressure Relief Valve to open slightly to relieve moderately excessive pressure in the container. When pressure increases beyond a predetermined point, the valve is designed to "pop" open to its full discharge capacity, reducing excess pressure quickly. This is a distinct advantage over ordinary valves which open gradually over their entire range, allowing excessive pressure to develop before the relief valve is fully open. All RegO® internal, semi-internal, and external relief valves incorporate this "Pop-Action" design.

Relief Valves in this catalog are only intended for use in LP-Gas or anhydrous ammonia service. Do not use any other service commodity. If you have an application other than conventional LP-Gas or anhydrous ammonia service, contact REGO® before proceeding.

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