Designed especially for transfer of LP-Gas and anhydrous ammonia in railroad tank car service.

The combined heavyweight ductile iron castings and precision machining provide ruggedness and superior performance in working pressures up to 400 PSIG.
Unit of Measure



  • "V"-ring spring-loaded pressure seal design provides dependable, leak-free operation. No packing to retighten or replace.
  • Wiper o-ring eliminates entrance of dirt and grit into stem area that can prohibit smooth operation.
  • Heavy duty ACME stem threads give quick action and are hardened for long service life.
  • Swivel seat reduces scoring of seat disc and provides positive shut-off.
  • Full diameter seat provides greater flow capacity and low pressure drop.
  • Plugged 1/4" NPT boss on downstream side of valve accommodates vent valve or hydrostatic relief valve.
  • Equipped with a malleable iron plug and chain installed in the valve outlet.


Body Material

N/A Ductile Iron

"V" Ring Material


O-Ring Material

N/A Synthetic Rubber

Stem Material

N/A Stainless Steel

Bonnet Material

N/A Ductile Iron

Seat Disc Material


Handwheel Material

N/A Cadmium Plated Ductile Iron


Inlet Connection

N/A Tank Car Flange

Outlet Connection

N/A 2" F. NPT

Flow at 1 psig (Cv) Pressure Drop

N/A 112 gpm/propane

Accessories Hydrostatic Relief Valve

N/A SS8001U

Accessories Vent Valve

N/A TSS3169


N/A AAR Approval #E-049015

Product Type

N/A Tank Car Angle Valves


N/A RegO