The Itron 1" Type 4D-MD meter, with double case design, has been specifically designed for the custody transfer of liquefied propane and butane gas (LPG). This meter utilizes the oscillating piston positive displacement measuring chamber technology. The 1" Type 4D-MD is particularly suited for filling portable gas bottled and fuel containers for portable burners, pavement heaters, weed burners, fork lift trucks and motor fuel tanks.

The standard unit includes the base meter with the choice of either a 600 Series totalizing register with a resettable counter or an 800 Series printer register. A differential control valve, combination vapor eliminator/strainer, continuous bleed pressure relief valve and tubing kit are also included. An optional automatic temperature compensator (ATC) is available. The ATC senses product temperature and adjusts the readout to result in registration that is compensated to 15°C (60°F).
Unit of Measure


Max. Flow Rate

N/A 68 lpm18 U.S. gpm

Min. Flow Rate

N/A 11 lpm3 U.S. gpm

Max. Operating Pressure

N/A 24 bar350 psi
Min. Operating Pressure1 N/A 1.034 bar15 psi

Max. Operating Temperature

N/A 60 ºC140 ºF

Min. Operating Temperature

N/A -23 ºC-10 ºF
Temperature Compensation (ATC)2 N/A -23 to 52 ºC-10 to 125 ºF

Product Type

N/A LP Gas Flowmeter 1" Type 4D-MD Aluminum Body Dispenser Meter


N/A Itron


N/A Ductile iron companion flange tapped for 3/4" std. pipe Optional ductile iron companion flange tapped for 1" std. pipe


N/A Superior Accuracy
The Neptune designed oscillating piston measuring chamber is both accurate and reliable. The piston is treated with a special coating which protects it from damage by impurities and adds lubricity for smooth performance at low flow and high operating pressures.

Rugged outer body components in a compact design make the 1" Type 4D-MD useable in a wide variety of installation configurations. The meter is also available with several different register options, and in temperature compensated and uncompensated versions.

Units of Measure
Neptune 600 and 800 Series registers offer a full range of options for calibration in U.S. gallons, Litres and Imperial gallons, with 5 digit reset and an 8 digit non-resettable totalizer.

  • 1 A minimum of 1.034 bars (15 psi) is needed to open the differential control valve, plus pressure loss in the system.
  • 2 Compensates to a basepoint of 15°C (60°F)