This valve is designed for vapor withdrawal from and protection of DOT cylinders up to 100 lbs. propane capacity. Ideal for cylinders used in the field by construction crews, utility repair men and plumbers.
Unit of Measure



  • Minimizes the risk of unauthorized persons withdrawing propane from cylinders not in service. It is necessary to install a male POL connection to open the outlet check to withdraw vapor from the valve.
  • Ball type excess flow located in the valve inlet protects against excessive discharge if the cylinder is tipped or the hose ruptures. Closing flow is 200 SCFH at 100 PSIG.
  • Removable POL outlet and check mechanism make field replacement of worn connections an easy process without removing the valve from the cylinder.
  • Outlet seal plug on a heavy duty chain prevents dirt from entering POL when not in use.
  • Nylon tapered seat design provides positive closure.


Body Material

N/A Forged Brass

Handwheel Material

N/A Aluminum Die Cast

Stem Material

N/A Brass

O-Ring Material

N/A Resilient Rubber

Seat Disc Material

N/A Nylon

Relief Spring Material

N/A Stainless Steel

Plug Material

N/A Brass


Container Connection

N/A 3/4" M. NGT

Service Connection

N/A F.POL (CGA 510)

Fixed Liquid Level Vent Valve Style

N/A None

Pressure Relief Valve Setting

N/A 375 psig

For Use in Cylinders w/Propane Capacity

N/A Up to 100 lb

Approximate Filling Rate Liquid Flow

N/A 10 PSIG Pressure Drop Across Valve: 0.5 gpm25 PSIG Pressure Drop Across Valve: 7.6 gpm50 PSIG Pressure Drop Across Valve: 10.7 gpm100 PSIG Pressure Drop Across Valve: 14.9 gpm

Product Type

N/A Tamper-Resistant Cylinder Valve with Outlet Check


N/A RegO


N/A These valves incorporate an excess flow valve.