• Union Style Adapters for 7590U and 7591U Valves

    The 7590U-10 adapter must be used to connect to the 7590U and 7591U Chek-Lok. This insures a proper connection to open the check mechanism. A built in nylon gasket provides a gas tight seal.

  • Chek-Lok® Liquid Evacuation Adapter for 7590U and 7591U Valves (7590U-20)

    Designed specifically for use with RegO® 7590U and 7591U Chek-Lok® Excess Flow Valves. Adapter’s operating handle opens and closes equalizing stem in the Chek-Lok® valve. Eliminates gas flow through Chek-Lok® valve when installing or removing adapter. Use of RegO® adapter ensures proper connections and opening of the check mechanism.

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    Designed specifically for use with RegO 7572FC and 7580FC Chek-Lok® Excess Flow Valves. The adapter’s operating handle opens and closes the equalizing stem in these older style Check-Lok® valves. This adapter is designed to eliminate the need for gas to flow from the Chek-Lok® when the adapter is installed or removed. A shutoff valve, such as a full port ball valve must be installed at the outlet of the 7580F-20.

  • Adapters for 7572FC and 7580FC Valves

    These adapters must be used to connect to the 7572FC and 7580FC Chek Loks to open the check mechanism properly. A built in nylon gasket provides a gas tight seal.

  • ACME Plugs-C5763N

    Specifically designed to withstand the everyday abuse given hose end valves on delivery trucks and hose end couplings on risers in bulk plants. These rugged plugs protect the coupling tip as well as prevent the entrance of dirt, dust, snow and rain. They also prevent possible gas contamination from these same sources. The heavily ribbed outer surface permits hand-tight make-up.

    These plugs are available in a choice of four sizes which may be used with liquid as well as vapor type couplings. As a convenience, the nylon plugs have a retaining chain and ring to prevent loss during a transfer operation.

    All are suitable for LPG or anhydrous ammonia service except the brass 5765PR, which is for LP-Gas only.

    Not intended for use as pressure closures.

  • POL Plugs-N970P

    POL Plugs


    Highly recommended for installation in LP-Gas cylinder valve POL outlets whenever the service line is disconnected or when the cylinder is being transported.

    When properly installed, the POL plug is designed to prevent contamination of the valve outlet and guards against product leakage if the cylinder valve is accidentally opened.

  • Caps and Reducers-3144-91
  • ACME x Female NPT Adapter-5764A
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  • Remote Thermal Release for DOT MC331 Pressure Vessel (A3219RT)

    Designed especially for use with Internal Valves installed in DOT MC331 pressure vessels. The A3219RT provides a remote means of mechanical closure along with thermal protection, as required by DOT MC331.

    The A3219RT is connected by cable to the internal valve(s) on the vessel. In the event of extreme heat (over 212 ºF.), the fuse link will melt, causing the spring to contract and pull the cable. When properly installed the cable will trip the internal valve release lever(s) allowing the connected handle(s) to move to the closed position.

  • Extended Type Hose Couplings for Vapor and Liquid Service (A7575 Series)-2

    Designed especially for liquid filling and vapor equalization of LP-Gas and anhydrous ammonia. The limited travel of the handle on the tailpiece minimizes spin-off, encouraging cautious removal to properly bleed off trapped product to assure closure of the filler valve and hose end valve. The ACME threads are machined on a rugged steel insert which is permanently cast in the aluminum handle, providing for durability under repeated use.

  • Short Type Hose Couplings for Vapor and Liquid Service (3175 Series)
  • ACME Check Connectors for Lift Trucks (7141F and 7141M)-7141M

    These brass connectors are especially designed to join the carburetor fuel line to the service valve on lift truck cylinders. Sturdy, long lasting ACME threads allow quick, hand-tight assembly that provides for quick and simple cylinder replacement. Back checks automatically close in each connector when disconnected.

    The 7141M couples directly to the service valve. An integral O-ring is designed to seal before the internal check opens, aiding in product loss prevention. A gasket at the ACME thread is a secondary seal when the connectors are tightened together. The connector fits RegO® lift truck cylinder filling adapters for fast, convenient filling.

    The 7141F accepts fuel line adapter and couples directly to the 7141M. The O-ring seal in the 7141M is designed to seal before the internal check opens to allow product to pass through the connection. The knurled coupling eases threading and the ACME threads provide rapid effortless make-up, even against LP-Gas pressure.

  • Unloading Adapters for Container Evacuation (3119A and 3120)

    Designed to provide an efficient means of evacuating an LP-Gas container for relocation or repair. They thread directly onto the 1 3/4" ACME male hose connection of RegO® Filler Valves used on RegO® Double Check Filler Valves and Multivalves®.

    The unloading adapters can be used to withdraw liquid provided the container is equipped with a dip pipe extending from the filler valve to the bottom of the container.

  • 3 1/4" M.ACME x 2" M.NPT Adapter with Vent Valve & Integral Screen (5769HVB)

    Designed to prevent debris from impeding the action of valves and components of LPG piping systems at bulk plants and industrial plants.

  • Male POL Swivel Adapters (M3188)
  • CGA 555 Swivel Adapters
  • POL Adapters (2906D)
  • Sight Flow Indicators for Bulk Plants (A7794 and A7796)

    Designed to promote maximum pump efficiency, these indicators enable bulk plant operators to visually inspect liquid flow conditions. With glass on both sides of the indicator, flow can be observed from either side, even under some poor light conditions. The integral swing check also serves as a back-check valve to prevent reverse flow and product loss if the hose fails in a loading operation.

    By installing an indicator on the upstream side of the plant pump, suction conditions can be observed and the pump speed adjusted to obtain the maximum possible flow rate without cavitation. Additionally, if an indicator is installed in the piping at the loading rack, just ahead of the loading hose, the operator can maintain a constant check on pump conditions.

    Both installations are designed to allow for observation to provide maximum pump efficiency and assure safe plant pump operation.

    In compressor operations a sight flow indicator installed in the liquid line will give a visual indication when the tank car or transport is emptied. Compressor operation can then be immediately reversed to start recovery of the vapor

  • Spanner Wrench for ACME Connectors (3195-50)

    This aluminum spanner wrench is especially designed for use with 2 1/4" and 3 1/4" ACME couplings, adapters and caps.