• Compact First Stage Regulators

    Ideal for use as a first stage regulator on any domestic size ASME or DOT container in propane gas installations requiring up to 1,500,000 BTU's per hour. The regulator is factory set to reduce container pressure to an intermediate pressure of approximately 10 PSIG.

  • High-Pressure-First-Stage-Regulators

    Provides accurate first stage regulation in two-stage bulk tank systems. Reduce tank pressure to an intermediate pressure of 5 to 10 PSIG. Also used to supply high pressure burners for applications like industrial furnaces or boilers. Also incorporated in multiple cylinder installations.

  • Compact Regulators 302 Series

    These compact regulators are designed for smaller outdoor grills and fish cookers. It is intended for use on small portable appliances that use 100,000 BTU’s/hr. or less. It may not be used on fixed pipe systems per NFPA 58, 1995 edition.