• Fixed Liquid Level Gauges (3165 Series and TA3169F)

    Especially designed to provide a visible warning when containers are filled to the maximum permitted filling level. At the start of the filling operation, with the vent stem opened, the valve discharges vapor. When the maximum permitted filling level is reached, the valve discharges liquid. These valves are normally furnished with a 12", 3/16" O.D. dip tube and incorporate a No. 54 drill size orifice.

    An optional instruction plate with "Stop Filling When Liquid Appears" may be ordered for use with these valves.

  • Gritrol Fuel Line Filters (12802)

    Designed especially for use in liquid motor fuel lines to trap foreign material which otherwise may damage precision components in the LP-Gas carburetion system. These filters incorporate an integral sintered metal filter element in a straight through design.

  • Bypass Valves Precise, On-Line Pressure Protection

    Blackmer differential bypass valves are designed to protect pumps and system components from excessive pressure damage, and no LP gas pump installation is complete without one. Blackmer offers five different models that provide full-flow pressure control to 250 U.S. gpm (946 L/min) at 120 psid (8.27 Bar). Installation is easy with NPT tapped ports in sizes from 3/4" to 2". All models are suitable for both LP gas and anhydrous ammonia service.

  • LP Gas UL21 SS Rubber Cover