• 3/4" Rotogages® for Small Stationary and Mobile LP-Gas Containers (2070 Series)

    Rotogages® are designed to provide accurate determination of LP-Gas container contents. They may be end or side mounted in a standard 3/4" NPT coupling on stationary or mobile containers. To guarantee accurate measurement, they should not be used on stationary containers that exceed 60" I.D. or on mobile containers, subject to vibration, with an I.D. of more than 24".

  • A9091-18_L

    Rotogages® are designed to provide an accurate determination of LP-Gas or anhydrous ammonia container contents. They mount in a standard 1" NPT coupling on large mobile or stationary containers.

    To operate the Rotogages®, the vent valve is opened and the dip tube rotated slowly from the container vapor space to the liquid space. The difference in appearance of the discharge indicates when the liquid level is reached. Dial readings then indicate the percentage of product in the container.

  • LPG Gauge RTG 3960

    The RTC 3960 gauge measures the level in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tanks using a 4-inch still-pipe as a waveguide. It gives high reliability with no moving parts and no contact with the liquid. All electronics are housed in the explosion-proof housing, located outside the tank. Reference devices make it possible to verify measurements without opening the tank - no need for expensive calibration chambers and large-size valves.

    The still-pipe ensures a sufficiently strong echo even under surface boiling and turbulent conditions.

    The gauge uses state-of-the-art Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar technology. For highest measuring accuracy the gauge can be equipped with a pressure sensor for calculation of vapor content.

    High Versatility
    The 3960 has inputs for temperature sensors, HART® based pressure sensors and other analog inputs as well as analog and relay outputs. All data is transmitted on the two-wire TRL/2 field bus. As an option the gauge can be equipped with other output buses such as Foundation™ fieldbus Profibus DP or Tiway. It can also emulate other vendor's buses when installed in existing tank gauging systems.

    Designed for high pressure use
    The pressure seal is a quarts window approved for use in pressure vessels up to 25 bars (365 psig). The gauge has an optional fire proof block valve and a vapor pressure sensor.

  • 5300

    • Industry leading measurement capability and reliability provided by direct switch technology
    • Increased plant availability with advanced diagnostics and PlantWeb® functionality
    • Increased safety and proven FMEDA suitable for SIL2 with a SFF>90%
    • Reduced cost and increased safety from the robust modular design
    • Reduced instrument count and process penetrations with a MultiVariable™ transmitter
    • Improved throughput and product quality due to superior performance and accuracy
    • Reduced startup cost through powerful and easy-to-use configuration tools and seamless plant integration
    • Improved EMC performance and higher safety with smart galvanic interface
    • Reduced operating costs with predictive maintenance and easy troubleshooting

  • 5900S-Parabolic-128_Montage_210px_A

    Raptor really takes tank gauging to another level, making you better equipped to handle the ever-increasing demands on efficiency, safety and accuracy. It is a complete and flexible tank gauging system, based on the open industry standard FOUNDATION™ fieldbus. Raptor can be used for refineries, tank terminals and in the petrochemical industry. It is the accurate system for custody transfer, process control, inventory control or for filling a tank without risk of overflow. The system can be designed for SIL 3 safety. The system includes cost-effective alternatives for each performance class. It can be configured with:

    • Highest accuracy for custody transfer/inventory control
      The Raptor system includes equipment for high accuracy measurement and calculations:
      • Level: Rosemount 5900S
      • Temperature and Water Level: Rosemount 2240S with 565/566 or 765 Sensors (3-or 4-wire sensor with up to 16 spot elements)
      • Pressure: Rosemount 3051S
      • TankMaster WinOpi
    • Medium accuracy required primarily for operational control
      The Raptor system includes the following equipment for cost-efficient measurement and calculations:
      • Level: Rosemount 5300 or 5400
      • Temperature: 644 Transmitter with 65 Sensor
      • TankMaster WinView